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Tetris Energy partnership targets Australian electric vehicle charging market

Tetris Energy has partnered with Virta Global to leverage its global experience and generate additional value in the EV charging eco-system in Australia.

The partnership provides businesses with access to one of Europe’s fastest growing EV charging companies combined with Tetris’s national experience in delivering more than 600MW of renewable projects and $15 billion of infrastructure.

Distinguishing features of the Virta platform include bi-directional charging capability to allow V2G (Vehicle to Grid) charging, smart charging optimisation and demand management, and automated invoicing and platform management.

Tetris’ role will include site identification, development facilitation and funding of EV Chargers.

Now is the right time for Australian organisations to fast track their installation strategies in the soon-to-be multi-billion-dollar market.

Contact Frank Boland Director, Tetris Energy or +61 423 778 125

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